1989. The year that sees the fall of the Berlin Wall. Greek private TV broadcasts its first, tentative signals. And Pink Floyd come to rock Athens. It is the year that a very special family business evolves into a unique fashion brand. Attrattivo is a dynamic house that appeals to young women with style, dynamic and energetic girls who are opinionated, strong minded and know exactly what suits them best _and, of course, why. Over the years, Attrattivo has become a must in any wardrobe, as a unique personal choice, the best alternative choice.

The casual chic style of Attrattivo is a perfect match to women who save, in their life’s baggage, the same amount of space for clothes, books and music. Their choices are never random. The clothes they pick become a conscious emphasis describing their character and personality. The Attrattivo girl loves the contemporary feel of fashion and is not afraid to show her female, romantic side, always enhancing it with a hard dose of dynamism. It is the girl who will pick up her long, floral skirt and tie it in a knot to play football, the woman who will look even more gorgeous in a militair outfit and flats.

Fashion trends are her adoring weakness. She follows them closely, knows them all too well and usually predicts them, always imposing them through the unique style of her very own DNA.

Today, Attrattivo firm’s objective is to consistently broaden its ever growing sales network, by always remaining faithful to the woman it is insiped by.